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Relatesonship, 7/20/16


God is the inventor of words and is unparalleled at word games and yesterday as I walked in downtown Oroville, CA he gave me this gem:

Relationship = Relate-sonship

God wants a relationship with us where he relates to us as a son. This is the biggest thing going in his whole plan for humanity: the raising up of sons of God, little brothers to Jesus(Rom. 8:29, Heb. 2:10), to whom he can entrust authority to rule and reign in his eternal, everlasting, ever-expanding Kingdom. There are so many more scriptures that point to this and I will not go into that today except to say read Romans 8:14-30 over and over until you receive the revelation of sonship. But I wanted to plant this seed with anyone who wants to receive it. God wants you to be his son/daughter. It is the most thrilling, fulfilling relatesonship you could ever have, the one he designed you for to have forever with him. So don't miss out!! Bless you!!

Steve Pursell, 7/20/16