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Pray and Trust, 8/20/15

We can and pray and pray until we are blue in the face for someone, but it is up to them to receive the answer.  When we have prayed something in line with God’s will for someone, we can be sure that God will move to bring it to pass, but that does not guarantee that it will happen in the natural as we prayed for.  There is still the will of man in the picture.  God can and will do his part but it is a matter of choice on the part of the one we prayed for as to whether to receive the answer into their life.  If we get invested in seeing the answer in the natural we can be disappointed and even worse, become offended with God. We have to learn to let it be enough that we prayed in God’s will and that he will do his part.  We have to let the person be responsible for allowing it to come to pass and honor that God always does his part.  So pray in God’s will and entrust the matter into his hands, be at peace and keep your good relationship with God.  It is possible that the person may reject God when he comes to them in honor of your prayer. Don’t let someone else’s rebellious will tempt you to become offended with the One who has never been anything but good to you and that person.

Stephen Pursell, 8/20/15