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Lion and Lamb, 11/22/17

Here is something to ponder. Yes, scripture says that "mercy triumphs over judgment." Yet there are times when God has to judge because his mercy is rejected and sin has to be crushed lest it destroy everything.  Some may say about judgment, "That is God's business." And of course it must always start with him. But we are called to be his vessels. Are we to limit God and only allow him to use us in mercy and never in judgment? Are we not to be used by him to judge too? I say yes. Isn't that what Moses did calling down judgments on Pharoah and Egypt? Didn't Elijah carry out judgment on the prophets of Baal? Okay, that is old covenant. But did Peter call down judgment on Ananias and Sapphira? Yes he did. And didn't Paul strike Bar-Jesus blind? Yes he did. I believe God wants to use us when he is Lamb but also when he is Lion, when he is kind and when he is severe. He wants us to be his vessels whatever he wants to do. As sons of God and brothers of Jesus, who returns as the Judge, as Lion not Lamb, he wants to teach and use us to judge too.

Steve Pursell, 11/22/17