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Neville Johnson

Neville Johnson is the most mature prophet of God I that I personally have ever discovered and had the chance to listen to.  Neville has a walk with God like the prophet Enoch in the book of Genesis.  He is constantly going to heaven and having face to face encounters with the Lord, angels, and men like Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Abraham,  Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Peter, Paul etc.  I am not saying he is the most mature man of God on earth but he is surely among them.  Among prophets with visible ministries in the western world, I know of no greater.  Neville is English-born but was has long lived in Australia.  His ministry, Living Word Academy is based there.  Neville's American office is handled by Joe Sweet of Shekinah Worship Center in Lancaster, California, USA. Both the Australian and American offices carry all his materials.  Neville brings the word of he Lord to America every August at the annual Lancaster Prophetic Conference. Neville has dozens of messages on Youtube.  Please listen to this sample message from Neville, a Prophetic Message to America.