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True Prophets Of God

"The true prophetic ministry is not to be confused with the spiritual gift of prophecy, which is encouragement and edification.  The true prophetic ministry is not a feel-good ministry, it is an alignment ministry.  The true prophetic ministry is a building ministry, it is a confrontational ministry.  It confronts anything that is not the ultimate divine intention and purpose and will of God.   It is the ministry of divine authority back in the earth.  Its design is a people coming into the realization of the great eternal plan and purpose of God. It is the wise master builder ministry brought back in the earth.  This ministry is designed not to make us feel good but to build us into a holy habitation of God in the Spirit so that God can dwell among us."

-Terry Bennett, 1/24/15
We all need to know that there are true prophets of God on earth in our day.  I have no wish to put God in a box or limit him in the diversity of how he uses his prophets in the True Prophetic Ministry but here are some of the things that I admire and appreciate about true prophets.  I very much yield to the much greater wisdom and maturity of Neville Johnson and Terry Bennett for the best teaching I have ever heard on the definition of true prophetic ministry.

Prophets bring the word of the Lord from the throne of God to his people and to governmental leaders of the earth.  This is a role of staggering responsibility.  Prophets are God's personal, intimate friends and among his most mature, trusted, spiritually authoritative servants.  They receive from God his plans for the earth and the people in it and they deliver those messages:

Amos 3:7-8New King James Version (NKJV)
Surely the Lord God does nothing,
Unless He [first] reveals His secrets
To His [trusted] servants [and friends], the prophets.

A lion has roared!

Who will not fear?

The Lord God has spoken!

Who can but prophesy?

From this one verse we see many things including the easily recognizable function that is very common to true prophets, that is that they often tell the future.

As Terry Bennett says so well at left true prophetic ministry is not to be confused with the spiritual gift called the gift of prophecy. The latter is attainable to babes in Christ and does not require any maturity in God to have or in which to function.

Another thing I admire that is common true prophets of God is major power encounters with the powers of darkness like when Elijah took on the prophets of Baal, called fire down from heaven and led the people of Israel to repent and return to the Lord in 1 Kings 18.  I love stories of the forces of darkness being trounced through the ministry of a true prophet of God.

God tells us that we need to listen to and heed the prophets if we hope to prosper in life:

2 Chronicles 20:20New King James Version (NKJV)
20 ...“Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”

In our time there are very many people who call themselves prophets but are not.  True prophets who are actually in the office of prophet, not just in training to be, are he most spiritually mature people on earth.  Out of the great supernatural resources that are available to them out of their deep relationship with God they are able to preserve the people of God:

Hosea 12:13 New King James Version (NKJV)
By a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, And by a prophet he was preserved.

This page features some of the true prophets in the world in our time whom I respect the most.  Please listen to them and heed their direction for the people of God in these times when we need their counsel so much.  Please honor them, as they very much deserve, and you will be rewarded for it:

Matthew 10:41
He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward...

God bless you.

Stephen Pursell, 11/26/14