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The Lauries

I have a friend
A precious daughter of Zion
A heroine of the faith
A champion of children
A brave survivor
Of the most heinous abuse
A bold proclaimer of truth
Her name is Laurie
And I am proud to be her friend
Father, I pray for the Lauries
Bless and release your Lauries, Lord
For the hurting children, Abba
Scrapping in the dumps
Needing a real meal and some love
The love they so deserve
Send the Lauries, Yahweh
Wherever little ones are cold
Send the Lauries
Wherever they are hungry
Send the Lauries
Wherever lost, abused, scared
Abba, send the Lauries
An army of Lauries
Out into your fields of harvests
Full of hurting children
That they may know
Your very great Love for them

Stephen Pursell, 5/09