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Shasta Lake Will Overflow, 1/13/19

On 12/12/18, I heard the Lord say, "The lake will overflow." I was not sure which lake he meant. Then a few days all later on 12/15/18, God said, "Deluge." I could see he was saying that there wold be a great deluge that would cause a lake to overflow. I live in Redding, CA near Lake Shasta, but I grew up in Oroville, CA where there is also a big lake and I have family there. I thought at first that God meant Lake Oroville would overflow. But then on 12/20/18 God gave me the word "Lake Shasta." So I became certain that Shasta is the lake he is saying will overflow. But now he has confirmed it further. Night before last, on 1/11/19, I was given a vision of the Sacramento River flooding as it flows through Redding. I saw the swollen river flowing at least as high as the bottom of the arches on Diestelhorst Bridge which is in the Northwest area of Redding. God has not told me when this will happen. I do not know if it will happen this year or the next or the next after that. I would guess it will happen by then but that is just a guess on the word of the Lord. What I do know is that only repentance can deliver Redding from this judgment from God and that God is saying it will happen if there is not adequate repentance to stop it. Knowing this city as I do, I would expect there will not be adequate repentance to stop this judgment, but hopefully it can be minimized with prayer the faithful few, the Remnant. God knows what he is doing and he will keep judging Redding and the rest of America until we repent. The good news is that eventually he will succeed in bringing our nation to repentance and when he does God Will Heal America.

Steve Pursell, 1/13/19