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Oroville Upper Lakes to Overflow, 6/17/19

I just had a vision today of the Oroville upper lakes overflowing. If you can find a good map of the area you will see that there are seven small lakes that are above Lake Oroville at higher elevation. These smaller lakes lie along tributaries that feed the three forks of the Feather River, which converge to form  Lake Oroville. These smaller upper ones are the lakes/dams that I saw overflowing in the vision. I found this Youtube Video helpful in knowing where these smaller lakes all are, especially the map at minute 4:55. If these upper lakes overflow, with Oroville at 894 feet already, and the spillway apparently not working, or intentionally shut down due to conspiracy, it is hard to imagine that Oroville will not overflow. But I was not shown that specifically.

Steve Pursell, 6/17/19