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San Francisco Earthquake Disaster Is Near, 5/5/19

Today God is reminding me of the Loma Prieta Again, But Much Bigger vision that he gave me in December of 2017. It was the first one about the San Francisco Bay Area where I saw portions of San Francisco disappear into the earth and the bay split wide open. This reminder means that it is now a sure thing at it will happen at some level although we hope it can be reduced with prayer. This reminder also means that its time is drawing near. This will be a very very great disaster, beyond anything we have seen in America ever before.

(PRAYER) Father, we know you are just and your judgments are righteous and true altogether. We confess that there is very great sin in San Francisco. Please forgive it. But please have mercy and minimize this disaster. Please do not sweep the righteous away with the wicked. Have mercy and save as much life and property as possible. Thank you, Merciful God.

Steve Pursell, 5/51/9