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West Coast Washout, 10/6/18

Yesterday afternoon, 10/5/18, as I was taking a nap, our Lord came to me strongly. I was feeling very weak and he was reviving me. He came with his beautiful golden-white light and liquid love. He showed himself to me as the Lion of Judah. Then he also showed himself to me as the Lamb slain. I saw him on the cross and saw his beaten face like a living Shroud of Turin, so beautiful.

Then he took me in the Spirit to the top of a very high mountain. I do not believe this mountain exists in the natural. It was to the northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area and was very much higher than any of the natural mountains in that area. There were other people with me. We could see down on the whole Bay Area from this very high point. I was on the very summit and the others were just below me and could see too. I pointed out and down over San Francisco and the land to the southwest, stretching down along the coast. Then I said to those with me:

"A significant portion of this land we are looking at will soon disappear into the the ocean forever."

And with that the prophetic experience was over and I feel asleep.

This prophecy dovetails with Loma Prieta Again, But Much Bigger.

Steve Pursell, 10/6/18

The above possibly dovetails with Giant Earthquake.  This prophecy above is now on Youtube.

Steve Pursell, 3/16/19