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San Andreas Conjecture, 1/6/18

This is not a direct word from the Lord that I received but a part prophecy part conjecture based on the combination of visions I have been shown and words that other prophets I trust have received.  For several weeks now God has been showing me things about the coming California earthquakes. One day when he hit me really hard with it I warned a friend in Southern California who is a prophetic pastor of sorts. He told me he was sensing that the coming quake is so massive. He is right. From everything I am being shown as well as taking in other prophets I trust who are hearing from God about the California quakes, the picture I get is that God will strike the San Andreas fault(see photo at right) and cause it to open up very wide along its full length from down near the border of Mexico up through the San Francisco Bay Area. Then everything that is to the west of it will begin to crumble into the ocean. I believe it is a fulfillment of Neville Johnson's prophecy that in the Last Days God will gather the unrepentant wicked to coastal cites that are marked for destruction and rid the earth of them with his wrath. It seems to me that any in this area who live through this quake will be trapped on the wrong side of the crack and likely the only way to get across it will be by air. If any airports are still intact there will still be nowhere near enough planes and helicopters to get everyone. Maybe some would be able to drive south and go around the south end of the crack, but I doubt it. And maybe a few can get in boats and go up to Northern California or Oregon. I don't know. And who knows how fast the western section that splits off will crumble into the sea. Anyway that is my best understanding of what is coming at this point. I believe it could come any time now.  It may be delayed but that does not mean it is cancelled. Praise the Lord for the Jonah-like reprieve but since there is no serious widespread repentance I believe it is only a temporary reprieve of the inevitable. So for all who are wiling to listen my counsel to you is to be ready and stay east of the San Andreas fault. Love to all of you and many blessings.

Steve Pursell, 1/6/18