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Obama's Planned Open Rebellion, 3/21/18

Several days ago, maybe on the 15th or 16th of March, God gave me this vision for the first time.  He has been pressing it upon me since. First I saw the Presidential Seal. Then I saw the criminal, Barack Obama, in a black suit, which I believe is symbolic of his evil intent. He was smiling broadly with self-pleasure and shaking hands with a line people who were standing next to the American flag. It was a press conference that he had called for himself. He stepped up to the podium to speak. He spoke some words and then took a step back from the podium. He raised his arms triumphantly, raised his voice  and said, "Today I declare myself to be the True President of the United States." He was full of pride and self-congratulation. Hillary Clinton also spoke from the podium but I did not hear what she said. The Lord told me to warn President Trump that Obama was planning to bring this rebellious declaration to try to usurp Trump's God given authority as our President so I wrote and sent Trump this letter:

"Dear Mr. President,                                                                              3/18/18

My name is Stephen Pursell, I live in Redding, California. Sir, first let me thank you for your leadership to our nation. I am so grateful to God that we elected you, you are truly his choice for the office of President.

Sir, I am called by God to be a prophet and it is in this capacity that I write to you today. Being chosen by God to be a prophet is a work of the Holy Spirit and does not require any earthly legal certification such as an ordination or any such thing. I hold no ordination nor do I want to, indeed I have a past from which I am grateful to have been forgiven by God and washed in the blood of Jesus to make me spiritually clean.

God has given me a message from his throne for you. He wants to warn you of a threat and help you circumvent it. We see God using a prophet to serve the king well this way in the story recorded in the bible in 2Kings 6. I hope reading that chapter will give you confidence in what God is doing using me to tell you of this threat.

God has given me a vision from heaven exposing a treasonous plan by the criminal, Barack Obama. God showed me in the vision that Obama intends to try to call a press conference and declare himself to be the true President of the United States. As I  am sure you can imagine Hillary Clinton was in on it. God did not tell me when and where the criminal Obama plans to do this.

Please be encouraged to know that this does not have to happen. Indeed, just as in 2Kings 6, God has given me this message to pass to you so that you can work to prevent this treasonous act by the criminal Obama. Please pray and seek God for wisdom as to how to act to prevent this evil thing from occurring. God is with you to undermine and overcome the wicked Obama’s plan to try to usurp your God-given authority as our President.

God bless you, sir, I look forward to seeing how you and your loyal people will be able to prevent this treasonous act that is designed to damage you and our nation. God be with you, sir, we are praying for you.

With Respect,

Stephen Pursell"

Obviously, we need to pray that this does not happen.

Steve Pursell, 3/211/8