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Lavoy Finicum Murder Exposure, 7/4/18

A few days ago in the night the Lord said to me, "Lavoy FInicum." Since God so often reveals to me his plans to expose evil crimes committed by the dark side of our government it was easy for me to understand that what he was saying is that he will expose the facts about how Finicum was murdered. I have known that this was the case since it happened, having seen the video of how the agents had fired on Finicum's vehicle unprovoked and caused him to drive away to run from them. After they chased him down he had gotten out of his truck and raised his hands in surrender and they shot him in the abdomen. He then lowered one hand to clutch at the wound in pain. The agency who shot him and the corrupt leftist media spun the video and accused him of reaching for a gun in his belt. Anyway it is good to know, and not surprising, that God will expose how Finicum was murdered.  He was a leader in the Constitutionalist movement in American and a good patriotic American. May God bless and give comfort and justice to his family who have survived him.

This word is also on Youtube.

Steve Pursell, 7/4/18