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L.A. Split Wide Open, 1/2/18

Last night, I think it was after midnight, the Lord gave me dream of the 'Big One' coming to Los Angeles, California. I was looking down on L. A. from the sky, the downtown section with all the tall buildings. The earthquake hit and a huge crack split the downtown wide open and the buildings that had been standing there all fell into the crack in a relatively straight line. The ground underneath this line through the city just collapsed into the earth so the buildings just fell straight down. Obviously many people went in too and I could see parts of bodies sticking out to the rubble down in the crack. I would say the crack was 1-2 city blocks wide. I was amazed to see how some people escaped the destruction on the edges of the crack and were safe. I saw the number 12.0 so I think the Lord may be saying the Big One will be that big, at least in L.A..  I do not believe there will be enough repentance to stop this but we need to pray that the loss of life and property is minimized.

(PRAYER) Abba, Father, you are so Merciful and Kind. But you are a Just Judge and you have to crush sin if it is not repented for. We ask your forgiveness for the sins of Los Angeles. But since because there is not enough prayer we know you will have to judge. But Lord please spare as much life and property as possible. Please spare all the children and animals and all who are innocent. Please to do not sweep away the righteous with the wicked. Thank you that you hate sin and are at work to drive it out of our nation. Thank you that you are Merciful even when you judge.

Steve Pursell, 1/2/18