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Gang Violence Coming, 10/10/18

Last night, 10/9/18, God said to me 'Gang Violence." This comes just after the apostle and prophet, Augusto Perez, shared in his newsletter, on the 6th, that God had said that a spirit of violence was going to be released. I had emailed him in response to his request for confirmation of this. I related to him that God had told me on 7/5/18 about the coming Mass Riots in Detroit and Cleveland. I also told him that God had said, "Lawlessness, " to me on October 3rd, just a week ago. And I told him that God had showed me in 2015 that Civil War was coming.

Of course there is always a measure of violence with the gangs but clearly it is going to increase. So please be prayerful. This is my prayer on this matter:

Lord, we know you judge justly and that even your judgments are merciful, but please minimize how much of the violence is released. Mercy Lord, have mercy. Please do not sweep away the righteous with the wicked and protect the children, Father, for they are innocent. Let the judgments fall upon the permanently unrepentant wicked and determined reprobate. Thank you, Lord.

Steve Pursell, 10/10/18