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Return to Purpose, 6/25/17

In the evening of 6/24/17, after receiving the God Will Heal America revelation, I was sitting out on the deck when God touched me and I sensed that he had more to give to me. So I got up and went inside and lay down to receive it.  I began to see what I call mini-visions.  I saw the Lord Jesus above me, just his face, smiling like a proud father over me. I saw George Washington and wondered if he were present. I saw the Capitol building again and the Lion of Judah. I saw George Washington also in the boat crossing the Delaware River with the flag. I saw "1776" as it appears on the cover of the book by David McCollough. And I saw a conference of leaders, I believe it was the coming delegation to write the prophesied new Constitution. After awhile I began to hear the voice of the Lord bring the message for America that accompanied these mini-visions. Here is what the Lord said to our nation:

"1776 was but the beginning and now I will continue the work I created America to do. This nation is called by my name and will not fail to fulfill the purpose for which I created it. You are my people and I have a purpose for you. You are to be a standard among the nations, a standard of righteousness and peace. You will use what I have given you to fulfill my purpose in the earth. You are my people and you must do this. And doing it will bring you great fulfillment. I will reward you for your obedience but first you must return to me and to the purpose for which I created you."

Steve Pursell, 6/25/17