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Only Way Out, 8/4/17

For fifteen years, since God first showed it to me, I have prophesied that he would give America a New and Better Government. Now we are on the verge of armed Civil War, which if it happens, will open the door for a very possible Coming Russian Invasion, both of which have been prophesied. Yet despite the obvious, that our old constitution is inadequate and is no longer viable, America and its leaders, both spiritual and governmental, cling to it like grim death. But only national repentance and a new constitution from God can save America from its governmental woes. The refusal of our leaders to acknowledge this and to move with God to bring a new system is absolutely disgraceful. I am grateful to God that he has chosen me to be among those who see that he wants to do a new thing and bless us with a new and better government. I am ashamed of our leaders that they are not moving with him in it. I believe we are about to see a great many governmental and Spiritual Leaders Taken Down from a place of respect and replaced with younger David spirit leaders who are willing to trust God for the new thing he wants to do. God bless the David spirit leaders about to arise, they are most welcome to me.

Steve Pursell, 8/4/17