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God Will Not Fail, 9/5/17

Last night, 9/4/17, Jesus came to me as a friend as he has so many times before and comforted me and reassured me of his plan to heal America. His presence was very strong and he showed me scenes of the Capitol in D.C. and Mt. Rushmore and other things like images of himself as the Lion of Judah. He reminded me very strongly of how he has told me before that He Will Heal America. This time he said it in words to reassure me from my weary spirit, he said he "will not fail to heal America." His presence lingered a long time and was so warm and comforting, melting away doubts and frustrations. He is so very very beautiful, I so appreciate his coming this way and his great love for our nation. Still, as he told us in the prophetic word he gave recently, Return to Purpose, we need to repent for this great healing to happen. But as we do he will truly heal us.

Steve Pursell, 9/5/17

It is important to point out that this healing of America that God showed me will happen only as we Cry Out For America  in prayer, repenting for ALL our sin as a nation including our Rosicrucian Nation foundation and Our National Idolatry. Until we repent as a nation we can expect more Judgment as God seeks to humble us and turn us from our path to self-destruction. But when we repent adequately we will see a great move of God including the Holy Spirit Engulfing Washington, D. C.  Praise the Lord!

Steve Pursell, 9/27/17