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Nixon Helped Kill Kennedy, 10/31/17

A few days ago, in the nightwatch, the spirit of the Lord came to me and was giving me what I call mini-visions: prophetic images without words. He was showing me the Kennedy Assassination being exposed, as I have known would come since he gave gave me The Presidency vision in 2014. But this time it came with a twist. I began seeing that Nixon was involved in some way. This was a complete surprise to me and something that I had never contemplated. So I do not know exactly how, but I believe that as the truth about the Kennedy murder comes out it will show that on some level that Richard M. Nixon was involved.

On a related topic, it may also come out that Nixon framed Ted Kennedy in the  Chappaquiddick scandal as the truth about that situation will also be exposed.

Steve Pursell, 10/31/17