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New Trump Cabinet, 12/30/17

Last night, 12/29/17, as I lay in bed wanting to sleep the Lord said many things to me. There are two that I want to mention here. First I heard him say just two words: "New Cabinet." I knew just what he meant. Trump is going to clean house and get himself a new cabinet with which to run the country. This is a very good thing and one which many of us have long been aware that he and the country needed. I believe this will also be the fulfillment of the Mark Taylor prophecy that Trump will assemble a "Dream Team." Anyway, I am very glad to receive this word. Next, God said something else that is very welcome and that is a confirmation of what many have already been saying. He said,"The New World Order is coming down." What a wonderful word!! I am very grateful to have heard these words and to get to pass  them on to you. We need to be like Daniel in Daniel 9 and pray them into being. Be blessed.

(PRAYER)Lord, we thank you for these hopeful words you have spoken we pray in agreement with them and ask you to bring them to pass as soon possible. Thank you that we get to partner with you in what you are doing. We praise you for the hope that is in these words from you.

Steve Pursell, 12/30/17