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Melania for President 2024, 12/29/17

Last night the Lord came to me very powerfully. I received another of many visitations from either an angel or a saint or the Lord himself. I did not see the messenger. The first thing I saw was Melania Trump bending downward attending to her son Baron. Then I saw Barack Obama getting out of a black limousine with dark glasses on with a very sinister look and presence about him. It seemed to me he was targeting Melania and Baron in some way as he goes about his evil plan to subvert the Trump presidency. I began to pray for the Trumps. Then, as the vision went on, it got better. I saw the president and his lovely Melania getting off of Air Force one in a very victorious, triumphant spirit and waving and greeting a loving, grateful, admiring crowd. President Trump was smiling joyfully and waving and shaking hands. Then the scene changed again and it was a presidential inauguration ceremony. This image was interspersed with scenes of Melania greeting the crowds personally and shaking hands and smiling warmly. Then I was most stunned by what I perceived the Lord to be saying. Out of my mouth popped the words, "Melania will be the first woman president of the United States!" I couldn't believe it!! I wrestled and wrestled with the Lord not being able to digest what I was hearing him say. But it would not leave me. And here I am the next day as I write this down and it seems clear that I heard it right. I know it sounds crazy and I know at this point in time it would be prohibited by the present Constitution because Melania was not born in America, but I believe the Lord is saying that she will be President after the 2024 election and 2025 inauguration. Personally I find the idea very delightful. I think it would be great to have the Trumps continue on in the White House after Donald's eight years are up. God told me fifteen years ago that we will have a new constitution so who knows what could happen after it takes shape. Perhaps under the new constitution a foreign-born person like Melania will be allowed to run for president. Time will tell if I have correctly discerned what the Lord was showing me. I welcome his correction if I have not.

(PRAYER) Father, if I have heard you correctly then please confirm your word on this matter, to me and others. And if not please correct me and help me understand better what it was you were showing me in this vision. Thank you, Lord.

Steve Pursell, 12/29/17