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Will Jerusalem Be Divided?, 11/23/17

Last night, as I lay in bed praying I saw the most horrible thing. It was not bad at first, in fact at first it was wonderful. At first I was seeing beautiful Jerusalem from atop the Mount of Olives, a scene the Lord often shows me in prayer. The presence of the Lord was strong and I loving it as I always do when he shows me that. I love Jerusalem and Israel. All real believers do. But unfortunately it did not remain as it was. All of a sudden I saw Jerusalem torn in half and a  big yellow stripe appeared as a dividing line between the two halves which were now separated by some distance. I instantly began to pray and mourn and beg God not to allow this to happen. After awhile I got up and I prayed with my prayer partner.  We experience a great heaviness and struggled to pray. I could not seem to break into real intercession or prophetic warring, only a little of the latter at the end. Finally I went back to bed exhausted and frustrated, unclear what was going on in the spirit. I awoke today deeply depressed over this.

This is a deeply distressing and important issue. If Jerusalem is divided by the United States, as True Prophet of God, Sundar Selvaraj, has prophesied for years, very great judgment will fall on America. But it does not have to be so. In fact, Sundar Selvaraj was given that prophecy by God in hope that we would be motivated by it to pray fervently that it would not happen. But is there enough prayer? Before Trump was elected I had no hope we could avoid this prophecy. When he came along there was hope if we would pray and I, for one have, since the election. But I fear the American church has not prayed enough. Trump has his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of the Israel peace talks process. This kid is a mess and should never have been given such a weighty task. What will happen? So much hangs in the balance and the American church is asleep and not listening to the real prophets. The prophets who are popular are saying God will not or is not judging America. But he is and he will really hammer us if we divide Jerusalem. This false claim that he is not judging us is hardly a recipe for prayer and repentance. We are in so much trouble with this  if we divide Jerusalem. God has told the prophet Neville Johnson he will divorce us if we do this.

We need to pray with all we have that this does not happen. The time is very short. Please pray. Be blessed.

Steve Pursell, 11/23/17