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Holy Spirit Will Engulf Washington, D. C., 7/31/17

This vision occurred around the first week of July, 2017. I am sure I was shown so much about the America in late June and early July because it was around Independence Day. At the time it came, the experience felt so present that I did not perceive it as a prophecy but I thought I was seeing God moving in real time. But as the weeks have gone by since then and things have actually gone in the opposite direction, I now understand that I was shown this prophetically and it will happen in the future. In hindsight I see I should have written it down at the time it happened.

I saw Washington, D.C. ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit! It was amazing. God was sweeping though our capital with unprecedented power and totally taking over. It was everything, and more, that every praying American believer would dream of seeing in D.C. I was not given any sense of when it will come since I thought it was happening at the time I saw it. But I know God will do it and when he does it will blow us away! I believe it will take much more repentance than we have yet done as a nation. Praise the Lord for his takeover of Washington D.C. as we endure in prayer!!

Steve Pursell, 7/3/17

It is important to point out that this engulfing of D.C and Healing of America that God showed me will happen only as we Cry Out For America  in prayer, repenting for ALL our sin as a nation including our Rosicrucian Nation foundation and Our National Idolatry. Until we repent as a nation we can expect more Judgment as God seeks to humble us and turn us from our path to self-destruction. But when we repent adequately we will see a great move of God including this.  I promise you we will see this because God Will Not Fail to heal our nation as we repent.

Steve Pursell, 9/27/17