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Heavenly War, 10/30/17

Three days ago, on 10/27/17, God gave me this incredible prophetic experience:

I saw Elijah in a fiery chariot in a whirlwind of fire. I saw a map of Israel. I saw Israeli tanks. I saw the Lion Of Judah. I saw a fierce attack on Israeli soldiers but they fought back well in hand to hand combat. I saw the King of Glory  riding on the clouds with the armies of heaven. He was so awesome and the brought such a great feeling of peace. Then I saw him as Aslan. I saw men climbing a mountain. I saw the heavenly army right there next to me as I lay on my bed. It took my breath away. I saw a wise old white-bearded father. Was it our Abba, or Enoch or Abraham? Who? I don't know. He turned his attention to the battle. He and others rode out against the enemy.  I saw Elijah again, smiling. I saw two great saints talking together. I do not know who they were. Then it seemed they were giving me something. I believe it was a sword. I saw the Lord Jesus gallop toward me on his white horse, back from the battle, wearing a crimson robe. I was then surrounded by the  Army Of Light. We were sitting on our horses, milling about, waiting to make the next move in the battle. Then I saw the Lord Jesus, in his crimson robe, riding into the city with jubilation. He was throwing gifts to the adoring crowd. I thought maybe he was throwing coins. Then there was another fierce battle charge against the enemy, a very furious charge. Then I thought maybe it was rose petals the Lord was throwing to the crowd. I am not sure. I saw Jesus riding again so powerfully on his steed. It excited me greatly to watch him. He was charging fiercely uphill, his horse's hooves eating up the ground! Then I saw knights in armor of light. Their armor was of the more medieval style. I wondered if it was Joan of Arc and the like. There was such great glory all around me and such great peace. Then I saw Elijah again talking with someone, I don't know who. Then I saw more fighting again. Then the Father began to speak to me. He gave a long and very encouraging word of prophecy just for me that would not be appropriate to share. I was elated and swimming in the Spirit for the rest of the day.

Steve Pursell, 10/30/17