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God Will Heal America, 6/24/17

I have for fifteen years, since God revealed to me that we would have a new government, believed that God would eventually heal America. I have heard others prophesy of it but since I have been receiving visions and prophecies, I had not had my own deeper prophetic experience in which the Lord said this to me directly. But today the Lord came to me in another very powerful prophetic experience and did it. I had had a bad day yesterday and then again as I woke up this morning and was very low through the early part of the day. But then God touched me with his love and reminded me that he loves me and brought me back to a more faith-filled attitude. But I still was not feeling very well so I lay down to rest. From the moment I did he came with great power and light and was showing me some mini-visions. As I took it all in mostly I was praying for Israel since he had shown me Jerusalem and this is the last day of Ramadan and I was praying protection for Jersualem and Israel. But then the Lord Jesus revealed himself to me in a way that reminds me of how John saw him on Patmos, again. I saw him the way John described him in Revelation 1:13-15 but I did not hear his "voice as of a trumpet(Rev.1:10)."  This is the second time I have seen him this way, with his eyes shining like the sun. The last time had conditioned me to hold up under more glory than the last time.  He had told me two days ago that what he was about to show me was going to blow my mind, so I had been waiting. So he just held my enraptured gaze on his incomparable beauty and glory for a long time but he did not say anything. Then he began to show me the Capitol building in Washington D.C. as he has many times before but this time with so much more glory. In the past I have asked him why he would shown me this but I could never understand fully why other than that he was talking about governmental issues. But this time I could not miss it. In just moments after I asked him again the answer came up in my spirit as he pressed his glory into my inner man. Up out of my mouth bubbled the prophetic utterance:"[Lord], you are going to heal America!"  I instantly burst into tears as he said this through me. I wept and wept and wept, so overwhelmed at his goodness to us. 

So, today I can assure you from a whole new and deeper sense of certainty that God is saying that he will surely heal America. I am so deeply grateful beyond words for our Father's great love for our nation. Of course it must be said that this promised healing cannot and will not happen until there is adequate repentance in our nation for our many sins. I can't say when or what other judgments we ail have to go through to bring us to repentance, but in the end we will repent and he will surely heal us. Indeed there are no words for his great goodness to us. Praise the Lord.

Steve Pursell, 6/24/17

It is important to point out that this healing of America that God showed me will happen only as we Cry Out For America  in prayer, repenting for ALL our sin as a nation including our Rosicrucian Nation foundation and Our National Idolatry. Until we repent as a nation we can expect more Judgment as God seeks to humble us and turn us from our path to self-destruction. But when we repent adequately we will see a great move of God including the Holy Spirit Engulfing Washington, D. C.  I promise you we will see this because God Will Not Fail to heal our nation as we repent.

Steve Pursell, 9/27/17