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You Shall Go Forth, 3/25/17

This is a personal word that the Lord gave to me:

Behold, you shall go forth. You shall declare to the nations that I Am God.  You shall seek me with all your heart and you shall find me. You shall be sought and you shall lead others on the path to righteousness.  You shall bind together the wheat into sheaves. You shall be a deliverer among the nations and you shall be sought by those who seek me. You shall not be weak as you have feared but you shall be mighty like the oak and you shall not tremble. You shall make children for me even as I make children for you. You shall be set high upon a rock where your enemies cannot reach you and you shall not be afraid of them. You shall prevail and what I have said you will do, you will do.  You are my son, there is none like you and I make no apology for you. You shall prevail for I Am in your heart. Thus says the Lord.

Steve Pursell, 3/24/17