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Colossal Volcano, 4/9/17

I am late in posting this but a couple of months ago God gave me a very frightening vision of a colossal volcano erupting in a massive way, in America I am sure. When I am given these prophetic visions, they are sometimes delivered by angels, and I am always deep in the presence of the Lord and am generally feeling very very safe. However, in this situation, although the presence of God was not any less, the sheer enormity and indescribable power of what I was shown was very alarming. It was so big it is hard to describe. Most volcanoes have a mouth that the top of the mountain that is usually not so big. Even Krakatoa which effected the whole world had a mouth of only 7 km wide.  But this volcanic eruption was soooo much bigger. It has to be at least 30 miles wide, maybe 60. It was truly terrifying: huge, huge, huge.  I believe the whole world will be heavily effected by this eruption.  I would think it is Yellowstone but I have asked God if that is what it is and I can't get a clear confirmation so I am not sure.  The Mono Lake super-volcano in California is half the size of the Yellowstone super-volcano so perhaps it is another candidate for the location of this colossal eruption, especially since there is much more judgment-inviting sin in California than in Wyoming. 

Steve Pursell, 4/9/17

God has been showing me this several times since I originally posted the above, pretty much every day. Its time must be near. I wonder now if this volcano is what I was shown in my Dark Cloud Dream in 2014.

Steve Pursell, 10/10/17

Last night, I saw this vision again and out of my mouth involuntarily came the word "Yellowstone." So I am now 90% sure the Colossal Volcano with be Yellowstone. Either way it is erupting soon.

Steve Pursell, 1/2/18