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Judgment At Christmastime?, 12/16/17

I do not have a clear word from the Lord on this so this is just conjecture and reasoning in my soul, hopefully sound reason from true spiritual principle. As the years have gone by I have come to understand more and more just how defiled Christmas is. So this year, as we are increasingly in a season of judgments against our sin as a nation, I wonder if God will send a big judgment on America around Christmastime. I cannot say for sure that he will, I am just saying I see the potential for it and would not be at all surprised if he did. He is a merciful God and loves us and longs for us to repent of such evil practices. Christmas is much loved in our culture and touted among many christians as the Lord's birthday, but in fact Christmas Is Occult, and actually The Bible Condemns Christmas.  We would do very well to repent of it. But since we are not repenting on our own God will have to judge us to get us to repent.  He has been very patient as we have persisted in this sinful practice but I personally believe he is done winking at it and will soon begin to judge it in his people, perhaps starting this year. God alone holds in his hand the timing of the judgments he brings. So I cannot be sure that he will, but again, it will not surprise me if he sends great judgment on America this Christmastime. If he does perhaps it will be the Colossal California Quake he spoke to me about yesterday, Loma Prieta Again, But Much Bigger, he alone knows for sure.
The world's best earthquake forecaster, Dutch Sinse, reveals that earthquakes increase around Christmas. Since quakes are judgments from God I believe this shows that God is judging the wicked pagan practice of Christmas on a worldwide scale.  Only repentance for the practice of Christmas will stop the Christmas quakes and any other judgments that God is issuing against this wicked pagan holiday.  Will he bring a big judgment this Christmastime? Again I am not 100% sure, but it sure seems possible to me. Anyway, if he does I hope you will be found in his will and receive Supernatural Protection For The Obedient.  Be blessed and please practice Chanukah this year, not Christmas. Chanukah is holy but Christmas is filthy.

Steve Pursell, 12/16/17