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Calls to Repentance, 9/23/17

For years I have been saying that until we repent as a nation and submit to God we will continue to have problems with earthquakes(and other natural disasters). God is sending these judgments to get us to repent and live his way, the right way. Only repentance will being peace to the land. We need to turn to God, pray, repent and seek his face.

(PRAYER) Heavenly Father, Righteous Judge of the Universe, we are an incredibly sinful nation. We deserve to be judged. But you are merciful and kind. We confess our sins: our rebellion, lusts, and idolatry, our murder of the unborn and approval of sodomy. We confess our greed, and love of money and pleasure, witchcraft and occult sins. Have mercy, Lord, and forgive us. Show us your very great kindness and mercy and forgiveness. Please apply the blood of Jesus and cleanse us of our unrighteousness. We know you are a just judge and you have to judge in order to inspire adequate repentance, but please judge us as mercifully as you can. Thank you that if we repent you will restore us to peace, safety and prosperity. Thank you, Merciful Lord.

Steve Pursell, 9/23/17