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Colossal California Quake, 12/16/17

Starting a couple of weeks ago I began hearing the Lord say, "Welcome to the new California." Though at that time I had not been given one myself, I had heard the prophecies of parts of California breaking off in massive quakes and disappearing into the sea. But as I thought about what the Lord was saying to me I considered these prophecies I have heard. Then a few days ago I heard the Lord mention a place in California where a quake happened years ago. I instantly knew he was speaking of a new coming quake. I have been warning of coming big earthquakes for years now. So as this came the other night God showed me this earthquake coming VERY VERY SOON. He said "Loma Prieta,"  which was the quake in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989. So  I asked him how big it would be. He said, "Much bigger than you think." That is very sobering considering that I have been thinking very very big already. And then yesterday the Spirit of the Lord came to me very strongly showing me again a colossal quake very very soon. I believe he is saying it is really right around the corner and will be beyond huge and devastating. We really need to pray.  There is no turning it back now but we can pray for mercy for it to be minimized.

(PRAYER) Thank you that even when you judge you have mercy, Lord. Please spare all the life and property you are willing. Have mercy, Abba!!

Steve Pursell, 12/16/17