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New Madrid by April?, 1/15/16

Based on piecing together several prophecies from dependable prophets, I expect that by April of this year, we will see a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault line in the midwest.  This is  America's biggest fault line and the source of the biggest earthquake in American history.  I may be wrong, this is a prediction not a prophecy since I am not claiming that the Lord told me this directly but am basing it on other prophecies and trying to weave together all the information they provide. This quake will cause the Great Lakes to run into the Gulf of Mexico and break many major dams and take out millions of acres of American farmland immediately.  America will thus be thrust into a nationwide famine in a single day. 

Repent America, it will only get worse if we do not.  True safety is only found in Jesus so if you do not know him please pray this Prayer To Receive Eternal Salvation today.

-Steve Pursell, 1/15/16