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Halloween Conjecture, 10/7/16

This is a word from me and not a word from the Lord and admittedly is conjecture but it is not without merit in principle:

God sent an asteroid to fly by earth last Halloween. This happened as a condemnation of the practice of Halloween and as a warning and call to repentance, I believe. Some people got spooked but the nation did not repent of our worship of darkness on that day each year. But God's hatred of Halloween lives on as long as it is practiced in our culture. So I would not at all be surprised if this year he sent another one to actually land and do some real damage to our wayward nation. We who are a nation that is shaking its fist at him in rebellion. We are telling him that he must bend his righteous moral standards to submit to our corrupt and morally depraved laws. I cite the legalization of abortion and gay marriage as the worst. So who is to say that another asteroid will not come, one much more deadly? I do not wish for this, but it would not surprise me. We will see how he chooses to say it, but I expect him to say something on Halloween and be louder than he was last year since we are obviously not listening.  We need to Cleanse Halloween.

Steve Pursell, 10/7/16

This article on NASA's report of 11 Halloween Asteroids on the way this year confirms my instincts were correct.

Steve Pursell, 10/30/16