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Bitner Butte to Erupt, 11/30/16

Just a few days ago I posted how I had heard the Lord say, "Bitner Butte" to me. That was all he said but I recognized the name from listening to Dutch Sinse who is the world's best earthquake forecaster. I doubled checked it and found that Bitner Butte is a 6300 ft. volcanic peak in Nevada. My best guess at the time God said it was that it is going to erupt eventually, so I posted as such with a measure of uncertainty. But then today as I checked Dutch Sinse''s latest forecast, lo and behold, there was earthquake activity right next to Bitner yesterday. This confirms that there is seismic activity there and that could easily imply vulcanism too. So I believe it confirms that my assumption about why God said "Bitner Butte" to me was correct. I cannot give any timing but I believe Bitner Butte will unexpectedly erupt before too long. I believe it will be very unexpected since it is thought to be an ancient extinct volcano. This eruption may be the first of the many volcanoes that Neville Johnson prophesied in 2013 will erupt in America in these times of judgment.

(PRAYER) Abba, Father, we know you have to judge our wicked nation because of our great sin and we thank you that you do it to teach us righteousness:

Isaiah 26:9 New King James Version (NKJV)
9 ...For when Your judgments are in the earth,
The inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

But as you bring these judgments we pray you be as merciful as possible and save as much life and property as you can without failing to be just. Thank you Lord.

Steve Pursell, 11/30/16