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Vince Foster Exposure, 1/18/15

For the last two days, as I am sliding into of consciousness, which is a very normal time for me to receive messages from God, I have been seeing scenes of the old news story from when Clinton Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park.  I am receiving the very clear message that the truth about this murder will now be exposed.  At the time it was covered up as a suicide but anyone with sense could see it was a murder cover up what with things like Vince somehow 'throwing the gun 30 feet from his body after shooting himself in the head.'  We who were in touch with reality at the time knew it was a murder cover-up in the Clinton administration and now God will uncover it. 

Not from a word from God but from my soulish understanding of the realities of the corruption of the Clintons and other Presidents, I expect this to lead very close, if not all the way to the Clintons.  This is obviously part of what God was showing me recently when he showed me the coming events surround exposure of corruption in The Presidency.  This is part of All Will Be Shaken too.

-Steve Pursell, 1/18/15