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Mt. Fuji To Blow, 1/16/15

Tonight I have received what is by far the most painful and sobering yet of all the prophetic messages I have received to date, they seem to be coming at an increasing rate.  After I had been in bed awhile unwinding and trying to find a much-needed connection with the Lord, I began to see scenes that I was not sure of at first.  So I prayed and asked the Lord to clarify if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, especially since I was very sobered at the thought that it might be what I thought it was.  Then the same scene came again with more clarity.

The first time I saw what I thought was Mt. Fuji, possibly with a plume, and I saw a what seemed to be a Japanese man with glasses and an old style hat and vague images of other Japanese people.  That was what I was unsure about.  I was immediately thinking of John Paul Jackson's prophecies released years ago about Mt. Fuji erupting and killing 7 million people and leaving another million missing.  Let there be no doubt that John Paul was a mature,  dependable True Prophet Of God whose word can be readily believed.  He was not a newcomer on a steep learning curve like me.   Anyway, after praying it came clearer and I clearly saw Fuji begin to erupt and I again saw Japanese people and I also saw scene from a James Bond movie that takes place in Japan(movie scenes are very common for me) so this time I was very sure. 

I believe the Lord is saying that we are getting near to the time for the eruption which John Paul had prophesied for many years to occur.  The ramifications of this are staggering.  If it has not already happened by then this will devastate the Japanese economy and the whole global economy will crash with it.  The upshot of that is that with this will come at last the beginnings of the Massive Financial Shift that Gad has spoken to me about for several months.

-Steve Pursell, 1/16/15

Many times over the past four years since the above post, and again last night, 6/16/19, I have seen a vision of a great mud flow coming out of Mt. Fuji and engulfing great portions of a nearby city. I believe I am seeing it again now because its time is drawing near. This will be a very heart-breaking disaster. Please pray for the Japanese people.

Steve Pursell, 6/17/19