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Fuddy Case Exposure, 6/3/15

Tonight as I lay in bed praying in tongues and trying to get to sleep, the Lord was showing me things as is fairly common for me before going to sleep.  He began showing me scenes from a video I saw about the cover-up of the supposed Loretta Fuddy death.  Fuddy was the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health who released the bogus birth certificate claiming that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.  The fact is he was born in Africa and I believe they faked Fuddy's death and hid her to protect the fact that the certificate she released was fake.  If I am incorrect in believing she has been hidden and in fact she is dead it is because she was murdered by the Obama Presidency to cover up the secret of the false certificate.  At any rate it is clear that the Lord is saying that there will be an exposure of the facts surrounding her supposed death.  I do not know exactly when this will occur but it can't be more than two years away at the most, probably, much less. 

Steve Pursell, 6/3/15

The Lord is reminding me of this today so it is very near time.

Steve Pursell, 4/6/17