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Coup Is Near, 3/8/15

First let me clarify that this is not a direct word from the Lord that technically qualifies as a prophecy but rather is word from my heart according to my best understanding at this time.

I have previously posted two words: Coming Military Coup And More, 6/14 and More On Coming Coup,11/6/14, about a coming coup that will take over the White House and put Obama on trial for treason.  President Obama is, I believe, an occultist: a Communist agent by political loyalty and a Muslim Jihadist by religious loyalty.  During his trial he will play the race card and ignite race riots.  He will eventually be assassinated.  These were word that did not come to me directly but were the result of my study of the words of mature True Prophets Of God.

This message is from Joe Sweet, pastor of Shekinah Worship Center in Lancaster California.  Joe is on America's very finest pastors.  This message is Joe's synopsis of man prophecies from True Prophets Of God on what is coming in the United States.  I personally know a man who, like Joe, very much has his finger on the pulse of present prophetic revelation.  This man has told me privately that he thinks that me we may see action in Washington D.C., perhaps as soon as the end of March.  That is only a guess but it is likely not far off, if off at all. 

Please take the time necessary to listen to this video of Joe's on Coming Events in America.

-Steve Pursell, 3/8/15