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Civil War, 1/13/15

The other day, in the 9th-11th window of January 2015, God gave me my first personal prophetic vision witness of the coming civil war in America.  This is something I have foreseen and forecasted since at least 2003 by wisdom but without a prophetic experience about it.  I have believed and spoken it since then and felt much confirmed by the prophecy of the most respected prophet Neville Johnson in his message called Our Finest Hour on Youtube, which he delivered at the Lancaster Prophetic Conference in August of 2013. (Neville is a mature prophet of God in the office of prophet wile I am merely being trained to become a prophet someday in the future when God says I am ready) But until now God had never shown it to me with a visual image from the Spirit, I could just see it was coming by virtue of how our society has been headed.

But the other day, as I was resting God showed me a scene from a movie that I recognized.  This is a common way for him to communicate a message to me that he wants me to have, almost invariably about future events.  The movie he showed me is called "Gods and Generals" and is a Civil War movie, an epic TV miniseries I believe.  So the message was instantly recognizable as a confirmation of what I had foreseen and what Neville has prophesied from the throne of God from his tremendous authority as a True Prophet Of God.  I believe the prophet Terry Bennett has prophesied it as well. Both of these men are light years beyond me and are in True Prophetic Ministry.  I was not given a window of time when we can expect it to see it begin.

God will provide Supernatural Protection for those totally yielded to him in these times. If you do not know him, please pray this Prayer To Receive Eternal Salvation and be saved.  If you know him but are not totally submitted to his purposes for your life then please pray this Prayer Of Consecration and commit totally.

Be blessed and encouraged that although painful, this is a very necessary stage to us eventually receiving from God a whole New Constitution from heaven that will be tremendously better than the one we inherited from our ancestors the in the USA.  The more we Cry Out To God For America and repent the right way, including for being a Rosicrucian Nation, the quicker the resolution will come.

(PRAYER) Lord, we are a sinful nation and we deserve to be judged. But even in judgment you are Merciful. Please hear us as we Cry Out For America and forgive us our innumerable sins and have mercy. Since there is not enough repentance and you have to judge us then please judge in other ways but not in civil war lest we in turn be invaded by Russia when we are vulnerable. Have mercy, Lord, turn back civil war.

God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

Steve Pursell, 1/13/15

God has been showing civil war images to me for months and I have been hoping and praying that the political and media civil war that we have been experiencing was what he meant. But this morning as I lay in bed the Lord took me back in time to the original Civil War of the 1860s. I was on the battlefield with other soldiers, hiding behind a fallen tree trunk and firing the old weapons of that era. Because of this fresh prophetic experience I now believe that open armed civil war is upon America very very soon if there is not a great cry of repentance and prayer against it. Please pray with all you have and spread the word. There is a page for this update on this matter in 2017 Prophecy: Looming Civil War.

Steve Pursell, 3/20/17