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Bear Market,10/11/15

As I have said many times, God often speaks to me in movie scenes and especially movie titles.  Just now as I was lying down to go to sleep he spoke prophetically to me as is common for this time of day.  He brought to mind the move called The Bear from the 90s.  I have been expecting a major market crash and and ensuing 'bear market' at roughly this time of this year for quite  awhile now and I believe God is now saying that that time is upon us now and a crash could come at any time now.  I expect this crash to make 1929 look small.  This economic crash is one of the forms of God's judgment coming against America for our extreme wickedness as a nation and rebellion against God and his absolute moral standards.  The good thing about this crash is that along with it will come a great Massive Financial Shift and a Wealth Transfer for those who have God's stamp of approval to receive it.

-Steve Pursell, 10/11/15