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West Coast Warnings, 6/28/14

First let me say that there is GOOD NEWS and that GOD LOVES YOU and through all that is coming on America that God is doing a great work and there is MUCH HOPE for all who turn to Jesus and give their lives to him unreservedly. God will be doing amazing miracles and signs in this time against a backdrop of much distress and calamity in all arenas of spirituality, war, politics, geophysical events, and economy especially. Please understand I do not claim to be perfect and I urge you all to pray to Almighty God for clarity and confirmations of what I say to you today, I am just trying to be obedient to the calling I have been given by God to serve him and his family and my fellow man. This is an urgent warning to all who live near the coast of California, especially from the areas just north of San Francisco and on down to San Diego. First, know that God loves you and does not want anyone to die unnecessarily but one cannot afford to be in denial about the times we are in. It is vital that you understand that Almighty God is calling many of his children to move away from the coastal areas and that you need to pray and hear from him as to whether you need to do this. Our nation is coming under God's righteous judgment for our very great wickedness as a nation and our failures in the body of Christ to be adequate salt and light in our society. There are multiple MAJOR threats coming to the west coast VERY SOON: mainly nuclear explosions, A RUSSIAN INVASION, massive killer quakes and tsunamis, civil war, famine, riots. Nationwide economic collapse is also near. As these things happen all of American society will become increasingly chaotic. Hundreds of thousands, at least, will die and probably even millions on the west coast alone. Within a few short years 10's of millions Americans will die in God's judgements. Enough of the CA coastline will fall into the ocean that the maps will have to be redrawn. You cannot afford to be out of the perfect will of God for your geographical location. Now let me be clear: there are many who are specifically called by God to stay in these areas to be used by him to do his work in these areas in these times but you cannot afford to assume you are one of them if you have not heard from him specifically on that matter. The hour is late on this issue as many who have been hearing from God to leave the CA coast have been being told to get out by June at the latest. If you hear from God to leave be prepared to have to leave most of your possessions if he says so and I think that is very likely due to the lateness of the hour, your lives are worth much more than your stuff, which can be replaced. PLEASE PRAY AND HEAR FROM GOD, go on a fast if you need to but make sure you find God's perfect will for you and act accordingly. We are entering a time of unprecedented distress in our nation that will continue for a few years at the very least until America turns back to God. I cannot give you any specific dates on exactly when these things will happen and the true prophets of God from whom I have received these warnings do not receive specific dates from God when he speaks these warnings to them: exact dates are in the hand of God the Father alone. But I am very certain that the beginnings of these things are very very near so please do not play with your future. If you specifically hear from him to stay then you will be fine and he will protect you and guide you as long as you listen to him, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE SURE! Please understand this: do not assume you will be safe just because you are a believer in Christ(and there is no safety at all for those who are not true followers of Jesus), you have to understand that God is disciplining his children first of all with all l this because judgment starts in the house of God:

1 Peter 4:17New King James Version (NKJV)
17 For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?
Your obedience to God's call to you for your geographic location is the issue here. Okay, bless you and and I hope you all make it. If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate as your Lord and Savior then pray to him right now, admitting that you are a sinner in need of a Savior, asking forgiveness for all your sins, and receive the gift of eternal life. You do not want to face either the near future of America or especially eternity without the sacrificial blood of Jesus covering your life spirtually. If you receive Jesus as your Savior then at least if you die in these calamities you will go to heaven and have peace with God for eternity instead of suffering unspeakably forever in the lake of fire in hell which is the eternal destination of all who reject Jesus' offer of eternal salvation. He loves you and considers you precious, that is why he chooses people like me to warn of these dangers even though I well know that some will laugh and scoff and mock and reject it. And to all those who would call me crazy and reject this message I say God bless you and I forgive you and love you. GOD LOVES YOU, do not miss this chance to receive eternal life and be saved from the soon coming disasters, it might be your last. God bless you.

-Steve Pursell, 6/28/14