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Terrorist Warning, 9/2/14

I want to warn all of you who are Americans, including my Facebook friends, of a judgment of God that is coming eventually , very possibly in the very near future. I apologize that I am unable to say for 100% sure whether this will happen the way I think it may but I wanted to tell you just in case. There is no way to turn back this judgment with any amount of prayer but we can pray for it to be minimized in its devastation. We all need to be praying for mercy and grace and for the spirit of repentance to fall on all of us, starting with ourselves as I have tried to exemplify in this prayer, Cry For America.

America has a covenant with God that was established by our Pilgrim fathers and upheld somewhat by the founding fathers, especially the true christians among the like John Adams and George Washington. Sadly, even Washington dabbled in Satanic religion in his life. God's intention for this nation is for us to be a beacon of hope and a place of refuge and safety in the world and we have seen that manifested some in the past. Many of the founding fathers were Luciferians who wanted America to be the 'New Atlantis' and they laced our governmental roots with rebellion and witchcraft, which needs to be repented for and corrected. But that does not nullify the covenant that predated their evil influence on our government and the direction of our country. That influence is a big part of why we are in the growing trouble we are in now. Although very serious, this is still a temporary problem and God's long term plan for America will endure and happen in the end. Anyway, this covenant we have gives God the right to discipline the nation as his own children. He is like a father chastising his child for playing in the street where he will get hurt and trying to get him to play in the back yard where it is safe. As a nation we are committing the same sins as brought the destruction of great empires like Greece and Rome. We have sacrificed 60-70 million of our precious unborn children to Satan with abortion. This is the sin of child sacrifice, a horrifying sin that God clearly condemns in this passage referring to the ancient sacrifices of children by burning them alive:

Leviticus 18:21
And you shall not let any of your descendants pass through the fire to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God: I am the Lord.

I have learned from Neville Johnson, who is the greatest prophet in the world that I know of, that the sin of abortion releases the spirit of murder so that explains why we have seen murders rise and rise in the 40 years since Roe v.Wade and we will continue to see them rise until we repent from this awful sin as nation.

We have approved of and are promoting homosexuality which God calls and abomination:

Leviticus 20:13
If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination...

We approve of sexual immorality of many kinds, like fornication and adultery. We are deeply idolatrous and greedy and self-indulgent.

In his love for us, God is chastising us to turn us for these self-destructive ways so we can survive and live out the destiny he has ordained for us as nation. Since America is not yet repenting for its sins as a nation then God, with whom our nation has this covenant that gives him the right to discipline the nation as his own children, is forced to release stiffer and stiffer disciplines. 9/11 was a discipline that we should have heeded but instead as a nation we stiffened our necks in pride and refused to repent. What this means is that God has to strike us much more stiffly the next time to continue to try to help us turn from our self-destructive ways. I expect the next terrorist attack will be something like bombs exploding in 100 different shopping malls all over the nation on the same day, indeed I believe God told me this in around 2002 when I was watching America refuse to repent after 9/11. When God told me this I was not sure it was him but recently I believe it was confirmed through the watchman ministry of Dr. Jim Garrow so I realize now it was the Lord. I have some pretty serious political differences with Dr. Jim but I nevertheless very much respect his sources as an-ex CIA operative.  Jim speaks highly of George W. Bush but I believe he is an occultist whose corruption during his tenure in The Presidency will be exposed before long.  I think there is a chance that something like this may even happen on 9/11 if this year. Again I am not at all 100% sure I am correct about the date, and God rarely if ever gives dates in prophecies, but it might be good guess work and it will happen eventually anyway.

Also, I have just learned through one of America's very best prophets, Terry Bennett, that the coming famine in America will be so bad that it will kill millions so please start using any land you have around your houses and/or elsewhere to grow vegetable gardens. This is the best way for you to ensure that you will eat when the full weight of these judgments falls. These are fearsome times but God loves us and wants to see us through them but we are only eligible to receive his Supernatural Protection if we have committed our lives to him and his Kingdom unreservedly. If you have not yielded to the Lordship of Jesus Christ who is King over all creation then please do so today and seek him for how to navigate the very troubled seas that are before us in America for the next several years until the nation begins to repent for our wickedness. God bless you.

To join in the spiritual battle to win America back for God please pray this Cry For America.

-Steve Pursell, 9/2/14