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Impending Russian Invasion, 10/22/14

As I have posted on Facebook before, sometimes God speaks to me in scenes from movies I have seen(which is many!) It is usually pretty clear that it is the Lord speaking since a scene will come across my spiritual eyes with no prompting of my own thinking. Well, last night God popped up some scenes from an old 60s movie that I saw two or three times as a kid and and have not thought of for decades. Its title is what the Lord wanted me to get, I am sure of this because the title is what several true prophets of God have been prophesying will come to America. One prophet, Henry Gruver, has been speaking this for 28 years now. The title is:

"The Russians Are Coming,The Russians Are Coming!"

That's right, they are coming. It has already been prophesied that we in the U.S. are to be invaded by Russia and I believe that God is speaking this to me as an indication that is it is not very far away. Judging on how much delay there is on other messages I have been given in the past I would guess the invasion will happen within a year, two tops, that would be my guestimate. But please understand the timing situation is MY GUESTIMATE. I do not claim that God said specifically that it will happen in that time frame. I admit I could be incorrect about time but that it will happen must not be doubted.

There are already at least 850,000 Russian troops hidden in underground bunkers in 'closed' cold war military bases that began to be 'closed' under Bush in the 80s. More are being spirited in all the time. And of course there will be more coming across the sea and in the sky when the invasion finally goes forward. Certain elements, including the President I believe, in our government are in on this.

The good news is that God will do many incredible miracles to protect those who truly love him in all this, but total surrender to him and his perfect will for our lives, not our own self-direction, is the only way to be safe. If we do not have this, all the guns and tanks in the world will not protect us. This invasion is happening as a judgment from God against our sin as a nation and only true repentance and a return to God as a nation will allow us repel it.

God bless you and may you found wholly in Him when this invasion comes.

Stephen Pursell, 10/22/14

God is saying the same thing to me tonight with the movie scenes from the movie "The Russians Are Coming,The Russians Are Coming!"  I think it is quite near now. God have mercy on us.

S. P., 10/17/16