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The Next 9/11, 9/17/14

I want tell share what I believe about future terrorist attacks that will come to American soil. I have many times over the years experienced involuntary prophetic utterances where I will say something prophetic without realizing it was word from God. I have recognized the pattern most in personal ministry situations when I would speak a word of knowledge(a secret piece of information) that I thought was just an idea of my own until the person would say, "How did you know that?”  Then I would know that God was speaking through me and telling the secrets of their hearts.

As time goes by I am learning this has also been happening with prophetic words about future things. The most dramatic instance yet has just been clarified to me. In early 2002, I clearly remember talking to someone about America's failure to repent after 9/11. I clearly remember saying to him: "Because we haven't repented, it will happen again. The next time it will be something like bombs exploding in 100 shopping malls all over the nation on the same day."  This was in my deep memory but I had not recalled it for all this time. Then a couple weeks ago I caught a Facebook post by Dr. Jim Garrow. Jim is a watchman with excellent connections since he is an ex-CIA operative. Since Jim believes George W. Bush his a good man and I  believe Bush is an occultist criminal whose Presidential Crimes Will Be Exposed , I do not entirely agree with all of Jim's politics. However, I do not argue the quality of his sources.  He posted that the intelligence on the terrorist sleeper cells in America is that they are planning to set off bombs in 100 malls all over the country. It was almost verbatim to what I had said in 2002. As soon as I read what Garrow wrote I immediately I knew that it was God who had spoke those years ago when I had said that. It's coming and it is not far away. To be safe in these times we need to be led by God, so surrender to him today and seek his guidance in all things.

Steve Pursell, 9/17/14