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More Quakes Coming, 8/24/14

I have been previously spoken in my Facebook posts about coming earthquakes as judgments from God here in America as a result of our very great sin as a nation.  Anyone who has seen those posts knows that I have been warning about killer quakes coming to California soon for awhile. I have not received anything directly from the Lord about it myself yet but he has been speaking to many mature prophets about it for years so I am trying to pass on the reliable prophecies of men approved of by God.

I believe his recent Napa, California quake is a sign from God that the big ones are right around the corner. Notice that this quake was epicentered in a part of the Bay Area that has a less significant history of quakes. The coming quakes will be many times greater than anything we have ever seen on the west coast ...ever.  Please watch this video from excellent American prophet Rick Joyner who is among the
True Prophets Of God whom I respect.  And this one from now deceased American prophet and father to the American prophets, Bob Jones together with Rick. 

In the Midwest, there will be a colossal quake as the New Madrid fault(source of the biggest quake in U.S. history) lets go and opens up so greatly that the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes will run together.  This will literally divide the country as a judgment from God for our government trying to force Israel to divide its land.  Please watch these videos of the greatly authoritative prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and one of America's finest spiritual leaders, John Kilpatrick, prophesying this fearsome coming event.

God will provide Supernatural Protection  for those who are obedient to him in these times but that is the only place to be truly safe.  If you have not given your life to Jesus yet then please pray this Prayer To Receive Eternal Salvation and do so today.  If you are already a believer but are not serving God with whole heart then please pray this Prayer Of Consecration and set your heart to full dedication to God from here on out.

God bless you.

Steve Pursell, 8/24/14

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