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More On Coming Coup,11/6/14

First, let me say there is HOPE in these times because Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh, is King over all the Universe and is Almighty and he has answers to our problems and the power to make things right if we turn to him with all our hearts.

We all know what happened on election day 2014 and many are wondering what it will mean for the country. First, we need to know that there are no political solutions to our woes as nation without first having massive sweeping repentance and return to God. Our problems come from our sin against God and without adequate repentance we will have no resolution in the political arena or any other. But it is possible that the swing for the Republicans may contribute to something very monumental that is headed our way.

I have previously written on the subject in the message, Coming Military Coup And More.  God has spoken to some prophets that there will be a military coup that will take over the White House and put the President on trial for treason(a just charge). I wonder if this swing might be the first motion of momentum in that direction. As always God did not give any dates for this event but it can't be too far away since there is little more than a year left in Obama's last term. The President is clearly now a lame duck since the Republicans now control both houses of the Legislature. This will undoubtedly make him angry and it will be interesting to see what he does. I would not be surprised to see him try to move his favorite military people to try to seize power as an outright dictator what with the plans to institute marshal law well in place and likely to be in action very soon as a response to domestic threats like ebola and ISIS on American soil.

But even if he tries this he will not succeed for long and the coup will take over and put him on trial. During the trial he will play the race card, as we should expect. The really bad news is that he will be assassinated and that will spark massive nation wide race riots. I am not at all convinced that the marshal law that will likely begin before the coup will stop after the coup takes over. There is prophecy that military will be tool of God's discipline against us as a nation so that could include our own military and/or the Russians who will invade us soon.

The coup government will not retain power but will fail eventually. In time America will repent return to God and we will draw up a new constitution and have a better country than we ever did before. But this will nor happen before we sink very very low and all the world will think it is over for us as a nation. And it will not happen before we are stripped of our outrageous arrogant pride and self-worship of ourselves as a nation calling ourselves the 'the greatest nation in the history of the earth.' This was a badge we gave ourselves but God never agreed with. He calls Israel HIS land and our betrayal of them is one of the biggest reasons we are begin judged by Almighty God the Righteous Judge of the Universe.

Only whole-hearted repentance and submission to God will make this nation safe and stable again. Only whole-hearted submission to God will make us safe and peaceful and prosperous individually. God loves us so he is disciplining us for our own good to turn us back to him. I pray he has his way in our lives individually and as a nation. God bless you.

-Stephen Pursell, 11/6/14