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Hillary Vilified, 12/16/14

On 12/15/14 the Lord came again with a vision as he had very powerfully on 12/12/14 with the prophecy about The Presidency.  In that vision he had showed me the Bushes and the Obamas smiling and waving to the crowd but then Obama getting attacked and ripped apart by the crowd.  This time I saw Hillary Clinton doing the waving and smiling and again she was attacked and maimed by the crowd. They were ripping her body apart with their bare hands like the Romanians did to the wicked dictator Ceaucescu in the 90s.  I did not see Bill Clinton with her but I would guess there is a connection.  I am not sure that the vision is literal that she will get physically attacked. It may or may not be.  But I am sure that it is at least a metaphorical image of how the people will turn on her and rip her apart with vicious, vengeful public opinion. Please access the following link and watch this brief video of Bill Clinton openly admitting that HiIlary practices the biblicly forbidden dark art of necromancy, the communing with the dead: Hillary's Necromancy.

Steve Pursell, 12/16/14