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Coming Military Coup And More, 6/14

I have posted several comments about the future of our government. Today let me tell you some things that will happen before too long. The increasing disapproval of the President could very well be at the beginnings of it. To me it is a very telling sign that some of the liberals are beginning to turn on Obama. I did not receive all of these revelations from God about these future events but a pastor/prophet friend and other prophets did get straight from God and they are dependable prophets.

There will be a military coup and Obama will be put to trial for treason. During the trial he will try to play the race card. He will be assassinated before the trial is over. The power structure formed by the coup will not last. This the end of the prophecy from my pastor/prophet friend.

God showed me in 2001 that there will be an entirely new governmental structure take shape here in America. In light of my friend's prophecy I expect that the new system that God showed me will begin to take shape as the coup structure crumbles. There will be civil war along the way, that has been prophesied by several dependable prophets. But be encouraged, although it will eventually get so bad that the whole world will think it is totally over for America, the new America will arise and be better than ever. The most important thing that will be happening to bring all this about will NOT be political, it will be true repentance among God's people and a great move of God where many who are now lost will be saved. Be prayerful about where your loyalties lie in these times, clinging to old political leanings could easily get you unnecessarily killed in these times. Let your loyalty be to God first and to the government he is bringing, not old dying systems and paradigms. Don't let the government provoke you to come out and fight them openly, that is their plan and they are doing it to have an excuse to murder those they have labeled as terrorists: including true christians and veterans.

Take physical possession of your precious metals and hide them in a secondary location away from your home because the government also has a plan to seize them from you. But do be prepared to fight against the Russian and Chinese troops(several hundred thousand of whom are already here hidden on 'closed' military bases) who are going to try to take over the country. They have been brought here by the New World Order conspirators in the government to help seize our weapons but at some point they will follow orders from their homelands to try to conquer us, other troops will invade too. Obama has deep communist leanings and may be in complete cooperation with these communist governments(be not deceived, Russia is still totally communist under the cloak they made to make themselves look less communist) to take over America. 

There will be no safety outside of submission to the Lord Jesus Christ as God in the flesh and obedience to his leading by the Holy Spirit. God loves you!  Bless you!

Steve Pursell 6/14