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Coming Russian Invasion, 9/11/14

If you have been reading my posts at all consistently you may have heard me speak of a coming Russian Invasion prophesied by God's prophets. Romanian prophet Dmitri Dudeman, now gone, brought this prophecy to America in the 80s. American prophet Henry Gruver, still living, was first shown the invasion in 1986 and has been telling of it ever since. I highly recommend you looking up these men on Youtube and listening to the their respective prophecies. However, in the interests of time efficiency I have chosen a brief clip(Coming Russian Invasion) of another great prophet, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj prophesying the same thing just weeks ago here on American soil in Lancaster CA, I was in the meeting. Selvaraj is one of the very greatest prophets in the world in my opinion. Among servants of God with public ministries there is only one man whom I consider to be an even more mature prophet than Selvaraj: his name is Neville Johnson, he is also on Youtube. Please take the time to watch this and be in touch with reality about the fact that we are gong to be invaded by Russian before too long. Neither I nor any of these mature prophets(which I do NOT pretend to be) have been given dates but my best guess is that it will come by the end of 2016 at the very latest. That is a very conservative guess and I honestly expect it well before then but I am admittedly guessing. At this point America has gone so far into our rebellion against God that no amount of repentance will turn back this invasion from starting but with adequate, prolonged, sincere, permanent repentance it can be repelled in time. God bless you and may you embrace this sobering truth and act according to God's leading on what to do with the information.

Steve Pursell  9/11/14