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Assassination Confirmation, 12/22/14

Several times in the past, beginning several months ago, I have mentioned a prophecy that I have believed since I first heard it.  This was that Obama will be assassinated after being put on trial for treason.  It included the details that a military coup would seize power and try him and that he would play the race card during the trial and then race riots will break out after he is killed.  But until today I have never had a personal confirmation from the Lord but had believed it on the strength of my trust of the man who passed it to me from a prophet he knows. 

But today at approximately 4:40 pm, as I lay down to rest, the Lord came around and showed me a scene from an old movie I liked when I was a kid.  Scenes from movies is one the his very common ways of giving me a message.  The title of the move is usually the message. The name of this movie is: "The Assassination Bureau."  It starred Oliver Reed and Diana Rigg, 1968, l believe.  The message that the Lord was giving is clear: that Obama will be assassinated. Confirmed not only on the prophecy I referred to earlier but also on the strength of The Presidency word God gave me the other day, it is obvious that this is the message.

I do not have anything further than that  except that since I believe the previous prophecy I believe we can expect to see a military coup first.  By the way the coup government will not last.  I have nothing on timing but it I would guess it can't be too far away.

-Steve Pursell, 12/21/14