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Waiting For David

Father, where is he?
This is not new
You have shown it before
Many times
Your precious sons in the wilderness
Embittered, disenfranchised
Thrust out my a wicked regime
But where is David?
Okay, so I'm not he
But who is?
Who have you anointed?
Where is the leader to unite us?
We are his mighty men
They are all around me here
Crushed by Saul's courts
In prison and angry
Unwanted by the establishment
But giant killers in training
Eleazar, Shammah, Abishai
Waiting, waiting
Wondering, hungry for leadership
Send David, Father, send David
The one who waits on you
The on who loves you and trusts you
Surely Samuel has anointed him already
But where is he?
The one you favor
The one you chose
Where is the cave of Adullum?
Where is the stronghold of En Gedi?
How can we gather around him?
Saul pursues us all
Who will replace him?
Send David, Lord, send David
The worshiping warrior
Your anointed
Dripping with the oil of gladness
The one after your own heart
Gather us to him, I pray

-Stephen Pursell, 8/30/04